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As a college student, I try to save money wherever I can. As a fashion lover and shopping addict, this becomes more difficult. The choice between wanting to invest on a splurge item and wanting to save your money can be a difficult decision. A good rule of thumb is to do the math and figure out the cost per wear (cost per wear= $ of the item/ the number of times you will wear it). For example, a purse is $500, but if you estimate you will wear it three days a week for at least four months, it comes out to around $13/per wear (but if it is a high-quality bag it will probably last much longer). In this case, the cost per wear can end up being a better deal than a $50 dress only worn once. It can be easy to get caught up when shopping, but making the process more rational will help to avoid acquiring those items in your closet that go untouched for months or years.

Granted each person’s daily usage of these items is different, but here is an idea of some products that are a good idea to invest in or to save money on.








A little black dress is a classic, sexy piece that is in style every season. Buy the right one and it will be functional for work, dates and even casual wear with the right accessories. I always feel a bit like Holly Golightly in Breakfast At Tiffany’s when I wear one.






Having at least one high-quality purse that matches with a large variety of your closet is better than constantly replacing with lower quality ones. This is also something you can wear multiple times a week without getting weird looks like you would if you wore the same dress every day. You can always get a high-quality one in a neutral color and then also get bright, colored bag options from more affordable stores like Target! (Dreaming of the day that I finally get my Chanel bag!)







If you find yourself frequently losing sunglasses or just tossing them in your bag without a case then do not invest in an expensive pair. Instead, go to a store with less expensive options and stock up on various styles at a lower price that offer the same UV protection.



Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.47.06 PM



Anything that isn’t going for to be here for the long haul is not worth investing in. Current examples such as crop tops and choker necklaces will likely not have longevity in your closet. Definitely incorporate them into your wardrobe if you want to, but always try to find a cheaper option! Sometimes you will even find pieces you like just as much as the high-end options, this choker from Forever 21 is stunning!

Hopefully this helps all of your shopping endeavors. If you are ever on the fence about buying something at the mall, whip out your phone calculator and do the math! My overall shopping rule is, if you don’t love it then don’t buy it.


Kelsey Knepler

Image Source: Featured Image1, 2, 3, 4


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