Brunch Quest: Bradbury’s

Off Duty

Anyone who knows me well is aware that I have (a bit) of an obsession with brunch. This has inspired me to set out to find the best brunch spots, wherever I am. Since I am currently going to school in Madison, I knew I had to try Bradbury’s the moment I heard about it. The glowing reviews had me feeling excited yet slightly hesitant that it would not meet my expectations. I am by no means a food critic, but here are my thoughts on Bradbury’s!

The decor and atmosphere are very relaxed and the restaurant has a strong Madison vibe. However, the location is quite small with limited seating. Luckily, a spot opened up by the time my food was prepared. I ordered a cup of coffee and a dark chocolate, caramel and sea salt crepe. The coffee was a solid cup of coffee (I have a feeling it would be even better iced). The crepe’s texture was a delightful melt in your mouth consistency, which particularly worked for this dessert crepe. The three ingredients were perfectly balanced providing the perfect combination of salty and sweet. For around five dollars, it was definitely worth it and I would get it again. My only complaint is that the crepe did not fill me as anticipated. They have other more filling crepe options if you are looking for a full meal, but this one left me still hungry afterward so keep that in mind!


Overall, I would definitely say that it is worth checking out Bradbury’s if you are ever in the area. Next time I go, I plan to get an espresso based drink as those are supposed to be excellent. Stay tuned for more posts in my “Brunch Quest” series in the future.

Happy brunching!


Kelsey Knepler


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