Party Performance from G-Eazy

Off Duty

Last night, I went to G-Eazy’s stop in Madison for his “When It’s Dark Out” tour. I first discovered G-Eazy a couple of years back at the Revelry music festival in Madison and he played as one of the acts in the middle of the day. From the moment I heard “Lady Killers”, I was hooked and immediately began binge listening to his music the next day. Now, almost two years later, G-Eazy headlined at a huge arena and nearly had it filled. He also sold out The Rave in Milwaukee the night before. It was impressive to see how far he has come in only a couple of years.

Opening up for G-Eazy were Marty Grimes and Nef the Pharaoh, neither of which I had heard of before, but they did a solid job warming up the crowd. As soon as G-Eazy hit the stage with “Random”, an overwhelming flow of excited energy washed over the arena. G-Eazy always brings incredible energy to the stage and you can tell that he’s having a good time when he’s performing. He played all his fan favorites from “Tumblr Girls” to “I Mean It” and the set list had a nice mix of older and new tracks. Part of what separates G-Eazy from other rappers for me is how genuine he is when he performs, with songs such as “Sad Boy” and “Everything Will Be Okay” exposing his vulnerability. The set up he had for the stage also fit with G-Eazy’s music style featured LED lights and he had different clips rolling on the screen in the background. G-Eazy’s show was a party from start to finish. Here are some pictures from the show!
IMG_2169 IMG_2173


As for my outfit, I wore a green and white striped T-shirt dress (which I scored from Charlotte Russe for only $7.50), a leather jacket (“got on my leather jacket thriller”), black tights and black booties!


I am definitely an even bigger fan after seeing him perform live again! I even checked his tour date list after the show to see if I could swing by another one of his show…yes, he’s that good. If he’s in your city, don’t miss the chance to party with this awesome musician and performer.

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