Brunch Quest: Dlux

Off Duty

As a huge fan of Dlux’s dinner menu with mouthwatering burgers and one of a kind sweet potatoes fries, I was excited to hear that they also serve brunch. First off, for those who haven’t been there, the atmosphere in Dlux is awesome, very cool and modern. I started off my brunch by ordering an espresso milkshake, which tasted amazing. I don’t think it woke me up that much, but I would still recommend it especially if you haven’t had a Dlux milkshake before.


For my food, I ordered the spicy sausage sandwich which has sausage, pepper jack cheese, sriracha mayo and a fried egg. I absolutely loved this! As someone who would love to eat a burger for breakfast, this was a great alternative. I tend to like my food spicier than the average person so this could have been kicked up more for me, but it was still very delicious and the ingredients balanced well. On the side, I had to get breakfast potatoes (of course) with their sriracha aioli. The potatoes were good on their own, but this combination was perfect! I wanted to bring the dipping sauce home with me!


For the amount of food that I got, the pricing is not bad at all! Check out their menu and plan your trip soon. I definitely recommend it! If you’re going for brunch try to go early enough to beat the rush!


Kelsey Knepler

Image Source: Featured Image, others are my own

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