The Lion King Awakens Disney Magic

Off Duty

One thing that I have not really discussed on Off Duty / On Style yet is my love for theatre. I have been acting since a relatively young age and I am actually double majoring with Theatre and Drama at my University! Therefore, I was super excited to have the opportunity to see The Lion King at the Overture Center in Madison, WI during this past week.

The Lion King is a fun and exciting show from start to finish! The costume design and incorporation of the animals is very impressive. The way that the actors commit to using their animal counterparts as not just props, but extensions of themselves makes all the difference. And the costumes are not the only stage element that is elaborate, the set designs are huge and transformative within every scene change. This is not the type of show where you will need to use quite as much imagination as with a typical production, which is relaxing as an audience member.


The cast of the show was impressive as well and I really feel each and every ensemble member brought the show together. The cast worked well as a team, which is a critical part of theatre. Everyone was spectacular, but a few standouts were Scar with awesome character work and Nala’s impeccable vocals.The show’s quality aside, it is important to remember that theatre is about telling stories and The Lion King is a great story to tell. It has messages about forgiveness, regret, friendships and more. I encourage you to think about what story is being communicated is whenever you go to a show because I assure you, all the spectacle has a larger purpose. As a Disney buff, I do love the film and I think any lover of the film would also enjoy this show. However, the stage production of the show really brings the themes from The Lion King to light more with the inclusion of new songs and through the choices of how to stage this production.

This show really helped uplift my finals week and reminded me of what is really important in the Circle of Life. I also had the opportunity to see this show in Minnesota a few years back as well so I can attest to its consistency and the fact that any touring production of The Lion King will leave you feeling speechless and satisfied. If you have not seen this show yet, I highly recommend snatching up some tickets if it is coming to a city near you!


Kelsey Knepler

Side note: I did a medley from The Lion King with my choir in high school so this show has major nostalgia for me, watch it here

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