Brunch Quest: Egg Shop

Off Duty

Unless you’re new here, you already know about my obsession with brunch so needless to say I am quite excited (and overwhelmed) by the assortment of brunch options in NYC. Due to the priciness of brunch here (and food in general), I wanted to pick something to start with that I was confident that I would like based on the menu and reputation. This caused me to land on the Egg Shop. This restaurant is a cute little place located at 151 Elizabeth Street. The wait? Not so cute. Almost two hours to be exact for a group of three people. Of course, it isn’t so bad when you can just put your name in and then go shopping in Soho for a bit but still.

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Manus x Machina: Magic at the Met

On Style

As a Fashionista, this exhibit was a must on my NYC to-do list. Visiting Manus x Machina at the Metropolitan Museum of Art totally changed my perspective on how I view clothing. I loved how the exhibit displayed fashion and clothing in the same way that they would any other form of art. Fashion is typically not considered art by many. But that’s what it is, wearable art, especially couture fashion. The exhibit showed how technology is impacting the world of creating clothes and how the hand (manus) meets the machine (machina). The shift from how everything used to be hand sewn to the incorporation of now tons of machine capabilities including 3D printing is stirring up massive changes and debates of how clothes are made. The exhibit aimed to show the amazing potential of these two forces working together rather than separately.

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First Impressions: Living in NYC

Off Duty / On Style

To everyone who said that I would not like living in New York long term, I’m guessing you were sadly mistaken. I’m totally hooked and absolutely love it here so far. Something about it just fits like coming home rather than being somewhere new. After one week I don’t really find myself homesick for Wisconsin at all. Here are a few of the awesome things that I have done so far to keep myself occupied.

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