Brunch Quest: Egg Shop

Off Duty

Unless you’re new here, you already know about my obsession with brunch so needless to say I am quite excited (and overwhelmed) by the assortment of brunch options in NYC. Due to the priciness of brunch here (and food in general), I wanted to pick something to start with that I was confident that I would like based on the menu and reputation. This caused me to land on the Egg Shop. This restaurant is a cute little place located at 151 Elizabeth Street. The wait? Not so cute. Almost two hours to be exact for a group of three people. Of course, it isn’t so bad when you can just put your name in and then go shopping in Soho for a bit but still.

Once we finally got in, I could see why the wait was so long. Not only was the hype around the place out, but the dining room is very small. However, it was full of cute, sunny decor which made me even more excited about the meal ahead. The Egg Shop has delicious complimentary flavored water, which was much needed on this hot day.IMG_3311

When it came time to order, I was narrowed down to two options and ended picking the Egg Shop B.E.C. which has broke yolk, white cheddar, bacon, tomato jam, picked jalapeno on a panini roll. The spicy meets kind of sweet combination was interesting and worked very well. I can see why this item was so hyped on Yelp. Loved it!


Since I knew a breakfast sandwich wouldn’t be enough to fill my growling stomach, I got the hash brown side. I know, they don’t look like hash browns but they were actually amazing. Crunchy on the outside, perfectly salty and had a hint of spice which worked well with my sandwich.


I absolutely loved this brunch spot. I definitely hope to return at least once more while I am in the city  to try the Benedict bowl, which is the item I was debating between. I would definitely recommend this cozy spot to any of my friends. My only tip is to come earlier rather than later and make sure to allow enough time for the massive wait that you will likely encounter. See the Egg Shop’s full menus here.

Happy brunching!


Kelsey Knepler

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