NYC Discoveries: Beacon’s Closet

On Style

I have never really been a big thrift store shopper, but since living in NYC I have found that  thrift stores can actually be a great spot to score awesome deals. I checked out a bunch of them where I live in the East Village and I started just popping in whenever I saw one. I am addicted to scavenging the racks and scoping out the designer products that New Yorkers have given up. After doing a quick online search for more thrift stores, I discovered Beacon’s Closet. I scanned some of their products that they had online and knew that I needed to head over.

This is by far my favorite thrift store. They have four locations in New York City in Greenpoint, Park Slope, Bushwick and one in Manhattan. I attended all four within two weeks. Of these, Greenpoint is the largest and probably my favorite and my second favorite is the Manhattan location. I did not purchase that many items due to size/fit, but I can tell by the quality and curation of the store that I will definitely make some more purchases in the future. The style of the clothes has a vintage feel but with a sense of elegance. Here is an example of one top that I found from Carine Roitfeld and Uniqlo’s collaboration, which is sheer with black polka dots. It was funny, one lady actually saw me take this top into the fitting room and waited outside to see if I would put it back (no such luck, sorry).


Prices here can range anywhere from around $9 to $50. The clothes are all gently used so you are really getting a good deal even if you hit the higher end of that price point. The pieces that are more expensive are either newer or from high-demand designers. Among the designers present in the store are Marc Jacobs, Vince Camuto, Ted Baker and many more. The store also carries products from brands such as ZARA and Topshop. But honestly, the labels don’t even matter here just because the taste of the clothes is curated in a way that it all looks like it is part of the same store despite coming from so many different retailers.


A look inside Greenpoint

The racks are sorted by color at all but one of the locations (Park Slope). Sizes are all mixed in but they are separated by pants, skirts and dresses. Searching through the racks can be a bit tedious so make sure to allow lots of time for that, but the finds are well worth it. The store sells shoes and accessories including some that are brand new.

If you check out Beacon’s Closet, let me know with #offdutyonstyle. Remember stay in touch by following me on my social media platforms (links in the connect tab) and check out #kelseyinthecity on Instagram.


Kelsey Knepler



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