Brunch Quest: Jack’s Wife Freda

Off Duty

I discovered Jack’s Wife Freda through their seriously drool-worthy Instagram account and knew that it was a must go-to place for me in the city. For those who have not been here or seen the account, their food displays are always bright, colorful and organized in an aesthetically pleasing way. The food is Mediterranean style and they serve lunch/dinner as well, but, of course, I was most drawn to their brunch menu. Upon arriving, I noticed that their decor was just as cute as I could have imagined. The staff was also very friendly, which helped make for a positive experience.

I started my meal off with a latte. The latte art was perfection and the taste was as well. Lattes honestly aren’t my favorite type of coffee to drink not that I dislike them, they just are not usually my first choice. However, I had heard good things about theirs and I can definitely see why, the foam, espresso and milk were balanced perfectly.


For my meal, I had difficulty deciding but ended up choosing the rosewater waffle, which was topped with Lebanese yogurt, honey syrup and berries. I had never thought to put yogurt on my waffles before, but I really loved what it did to the flavor. The rosewater flavor meeting the honey syrup was really refreshing and light in contrast to how waffles are usually overly sweet in restaurants.


I absolutely loved brunching here! My only concern is I know that the wait can get pretty long sometimes. I dodged this by going to the Lafayette location in the morning before I went to work since my work is a 10 minute walk away. Definitely worth a go if this is your style of food! If I have time to return, I hope to try their famous green shakshuka. Check out their full menu and information on locations here.


Kelsey Knepler

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