Book Review: The Secret

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It’s totally cliche but this book changed my life. I have been trying to make changes and adjust to fit a more positive lifestyle for awhile now. I even wrote an article about it for The Tab (see here). I had made a lot of improvements, but The Secret by Rhonda Byrne really secured and locked in all of these changes I was making.

How did I find this book?

I attended Her Conference this year, which is a motivational and networking event in New York City and Olympic champion gymnast Nastia Liukin spoke there. She recommended this book to all of us and spoke about how it inspired her during her career and beyond. I had remembered that I wanted to read it a few years back but I had forgotten about it. After the conference, I rushed to pick up a copy to read on the flight back home.

Is this a self-help book? 

I suppose technically some might classify it that way, but it does not have that type of vibe. I truly think just about anyone would enjoy and get something valuable out of this book. Some of it may seem cliche but this book made me realize how true so many of those things are by giving it a new perspective.

What’s the set up like?

The book is set up taking quotes, ideas and stories from various contributors. It is set up into sections: The Secret to money, health, etc. The ideas are really well organized and keep your attention. It all builds up to the last chapter, which is by far my favorite.

What’s so great about it?

I am going to try not to spoil that much because I really want everyone to read this book, but it really helped me see what I need to do to create a happy life. It made me realize that I am not a victim of circumstances and that I am powerful. Like attracts like, positive attracts more positive and negative attracts more negative which it is so important to start your days on a good note. If you feel disappointed with life, powerless or like your life is out of control then this is definitely the book for you but I would recommend it to anyone.

This book is under 200 pages and I read the whole thing in around 2 hours, but I refer back to it all the time for a source of inspiration. If you are interested in purchasing the book, check it out on Amazon. I hope you all give it a shot and I can’t wait to hear about your experiences with this book!


Kelsey Knepler

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