August Favorites

Off Duty / On Style

August is a very bittersweet month as summer ends and school begins. This year was particularly unique for me as I celebrated my 21st birthday and I am going back to school for the last time as this is my senior year. I cannot believe how fast my time at college has flown by.  Make sure to stay tuned to #offdutyonstyle to see all of my adventures as I conclude my college career, but for now here are my August favorites!


My big birthday present that I got this year was a Rebecca Minkoff bag. I got the signature mini M.A.C. in the quartz color. This is the ultimate cross-body purse because it is the perfect size and it matches everything in my closet yet adds a subtle pop of color every day.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.15.41 PM.png


The bubblegum lip scrub from Lush is amazing. To use, you just scrub and exfoliate your lips and then lick it off when you are done. It leaves your lips soft and it tastes sweet just like candy, I love it!


I am so glad that I got this Oh Sugar! lip balm from Covergirl for free at an event in New York City because I probably would not have bought it otherwise. The shade that I got is punch cocktail, which looks red but it goes on more like deep pink. I love the sheer finish and moisture that this provides.



The new e.l.f. skincare line comes in high-end looking packaging and let me just say that the quality matches the appearance. I bought the soothing serum, which has made my skin healthy and more vibrant. The other product I got is the illuminating eye cream, which has helped immensely with my under eye circles. Serum and eye cream are two essentials for your skincare routine so incorporate them immediately if you don’t already use them.



Dry shampoo is a definite essential for the busy girl. This one from Not Your Mother’s has a clean smell and it leaves no residue. It makes hair feel light, fresh and good as new.



The Beatles Revolver album has been getting a lot of playing time from me. I love all of their albums, but the flow and high energy of this one in particular is really great.

The song Suggest by GRRL PAL is lovely. It has a unique youthful infectious melody that you will be humming for days.

Running with the Wolves by AURORA is mesmerizing to listen to and has thought provoking lyrics to match.

Electronic musician ZHU collaborated with Jaymes Young to create Hometown Girl, which instantly became one of my favorite songs of the year.

Well, that’s all for now folks! Good luck starting school or just getting back into the fall groove. Make sure to stay in touch on social media!


Kelsey Knepler

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