Meditation Made Easy​

Off Duty

Most people do not meditate for a variety of reasons. They may think it’s weird or say that they do not have enough time. However, what I have recently learned is that meditation is an absolutely essential part of the daily routine. Meditation does not have to be a big drawn out process; it can be done in a short period of time before you get out of bed in the morning or even while you are waiting for an elevator. Taking this time for yourself can make a huge difference in your daily attitude and mentality. If you are not sure how to start, here is a compiled list of a few methods to test out.

  1. Focus on your breath: The breath is what roots you and keeps you grounded, you can always pull back to it at any moment of the day. If you are ever feeling uneasy, try taking at least three or four deep breaths. Try not to think about anything except the breath. If your mind does stray, simply notice what pulled your attention without judgment and go back to the breath.
  2. Mantra: Sit with your spine erect and close your eyes. Then use a repetitive mantra such as “om” or “rama” to channel into a deeper spiritual sense with the universe. You can create your own expression of words too since comfort is critical during this process.



  3. Guided meditation: There are tons of these on iTunes, Google Play or YouTube. The Feldenkrais method is great for relieving specific muscle tensions in their shoulders or back. If you are the type of person who wants to accomplish a clear goal, then this is the way to go for you since many people see results after only one session.
  4. Candle staring: Since some people have difficulty focusing, this method allows you to stare at a specific object and does not need to be done for more than 30 minutes. If your mind wanders as it naturally will, simply notice what is pulling your attention and go back to staring at the candle. Choose a scent that you find relaxing such as lavender or a beach to allow you to further be at ease.Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 2.28.39 PM
  5. Metta meditation: This is a form that is intended to circulate more positive thoughts throughout the mind. You begin by sitting in a meditating position, close your eyes and think thoughts of kindness and benevolence. The order of progression is as follows: oneself, a good friend, a neutral person, a difficult person, all four of the previous in equality and then the universe. If you find yourself to be a frequent gossiper, this is a good option to try.

Mindfulness of being is the key to meditation. It is meant to clear your mind bringing it to a blank slate and make it easier for you to do this throughout your daily activities. In the crazy, fast-paced world taking this time to meditate will allow you to stay on a more positive frequency throughout the day even as obstacles arise. Try these methods and adjustments yourself to see how meditation can make a positive difference in your life.


Kelsey Knepler

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