November Favorites

Off Duty / On Style

Hello one and all! I hope everybody had a nice relaxing Thanksgiving. I cannot believe that 2016 is almost reaching its close, but just remember—it’s not over yet! I am determined to make the most of these last five weeks, but in the meantime let’s get into the favorites for November!

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Some Thoughts on Happiness

Off Duty

“When I stopped living in the problem, and began living in the answer, the problem went away.”

This is going to be a different kind of post from what I usually write, but I would love to just share some of my thoughts and views on life and happiness with you all. For those of you who follow me on Instagram or even if you have just been reading my blog for awhile then you know that I am all about positivity these days, and that these past few months have been a major journey for me.

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On The Radar: Life Clothing Co.

On Style

Recently, I discovered LIFE Clothing Co. through an advertisement on Facebook page that some of my friends liked. I was instantly drawn to their super cool hippe/daydreamer/rocker aesthetic. After doing a little research I saw many positive reviews and even learned that this brand has been sold in Urban Outfitters (one of my favorite stores) before. The advertisment also had a coupon code so after shopping around a bit I figured, why not try it out?

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