Brunch Quest: Cafe Hollander

Off Duty

I have worked right down the street from Cafe Hollander for months and I am so glad that I finally decided to stop in for brunch! The atmosphere is relaxed and full of cool decor details such as an indoor patio with large windows. Also, this post has an exciting twist as it is actually going to include what I had during two different visits here.

To start off, their coffee is amazing. I don’t like coffee that is overwhelmingly strong and in my opinon, theirs is just right! For my first visit, I ordered their beignets. These were absolutely delcious! On the side, they come with lemon and chocolate dipping sauce, but honestly I ended up eating most of them plain because they were that good. The consistency was perfect.


As someone who loves macaroni and cheese, I knew that I had to come back and try the breakfast macaroni and cheese. This comes with multiple kinds of cheese, chorizo, peppers, breadcrumbs and it is topped with fried eggs. This was filling and it had a great balance of flavors with the addition of the eggs. Overall, I did really enjoy this dish, but I don’t think I would specifically go out of my way to order it again.


What I love about this spot is their unique menu! It is full of items that you do not typically see or they put twists on classic favorites such as the pearl sugar waffle. I definitely can’t wait to try out more items on Cafe Hollander’s brunch menu as well as to try out their other meals. Make sure to check out if they have a location near you. Happy brunching!


Kelsey Knepler

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