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The holiday season is officially upon us! I, for one, love giving just as much if not more then receiving. There’s nothing better than seeing the smile you put on your loved one’s face. If you did not finish your Christmas shopping on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, don’t worry, here are some amazing ideas for those special people in your life.

For Her


  1. Holiday socks are always fun and she can never have too many of them.
  2. Jewelry is a classic gift option for women, but go outside of the traditional box with a beautiful choker! Express has a ton of great styles right now.
  3. Guys, might be confused by the object on the far right, but it is definitely recognizable for girls. This a beautyblender and it is a lifesaver.
  4. Jewelry trays are made with a wide range of designs and sayings so you are sure to find one perfectly tailored for the person you are shopping for. Check out francesca’s options!
  5. Watches can get to be a bit expensive so the brand you choose will vary depending on who you are buying for. If you want a cheaper option, Windsor has some awesome gift sets that come with a couple of bracelets and a watch for under $20!
  6. These tassel keychains are super trendy right now and you know what’se even better? It has a portable charger hidden in there! No more worrying about forgetting your charger at home.

For Him


  1. Clothes are a tricky topic for guys. However, I think that few guys (especially ones in colder states) would ever complain about getting a nice, comfy sweater.
  2. A shaving kit is a nice luxury a guy would enjoy, but not invest in themselves.
  3. A high-end cologne is, once again, an item that many guys will enjoy, but never bring themselves to spend the money on. It’s also a good time to pick a scent that you also enjoy if this is a person you frequently see!
  4. Since most guys probably already own a hat, take this as an opportunity to get him a more stylish option like this pom-pom beanie.
  5. Wallets are definitely a practical gift idea, and they come in a huge range of styles. Tailor this gift even more for the individual by putting some gift cards for places that the guy enjoys shopping/eating at! Definitely a nice surprise touch!
  6. Belts are another safe option that he will still be excited about because he probably had one that just broke last week.

Hopefully this helped you all out and gave you some inspiration. Happy shopping!


Kelsey Knepler

(Images made on Polyvore)

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