Alex and Ani Jewelry Carries Weight

On Style

Alex and Ani bracelets are my current obsession. For Christmas this year, I finally received my first one. I had asked for the gold compass design bangle because compasses have always held strong symbolic meaning for me. I like to always think of my life with the idea of having the choice between the various directions that I can go in. Their bangles cost around $30 per piece, but they are very well made and adjust to perfectly fit your wrist. Each bracelet also comes with a brief explanation with Alex and Ani’s interpretation behind its meaning and the one for mine was spot on. Here is the caption from my bracelet.

“An instrumental aid, a compass provides guidance and navigation through life’s unexpected twists and turns. Each cardinal direction has a significant meaning. North represents home and wisdom. South embodies passion and creation. East signifies new beginnings and inspiration. West symbolizes introspection and reflection. “Do life” and any course you follow will be fruitful.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.44.22 PM.png

Objective / Direction / Transition

This is what I love about Alex and Ani jewelry, the strong meaning behind the pieces. I love having a constant reminder of this positive idea on my wrist. If you have any symbols that mean a lot to you, I highly recommend checking out their website to see if there’s a piece for you. They sell other jewelry products as well, but the bracelets are what they are known for. It’s also a big trend to buy multiple Alex and Ani bracelets and stack them, which I hope to do myself! Next, I am eyeing this New York skyline bracelet. If you have a piece of Alex and Ani jewelry, let me know in the comments or with the hashtag #offdutyonstyle.


Kelsey Knepler

Image Source: Featured Photo


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