Some Thoughts on Happiness

Off Duty

“When I stopped living in the problem, and began living in the answer, the problem went away.”

This is going to be a different kind of post from what I usually write, but I would love to just share some of my thoughts and views on life and happiness with you all. For those of you who follow me on Instagram or even if you have just been reading my blog for awhile then you know that I am all about positivity these days, and that these past few months have been a major journey for me.

Ever since this past summer, I decided to stop waiting and putting qualifers on my happiness. I always said I would be happy when it was the weekend, when I got the job promotion, etc. (see an article I wrote about this for The Tab). I realized that life did not work this way over the summer. I was in New York City with my dream internship and everything else was seemingly perfectly in place and yet, I still wasn’t happy. It was mind blowing to me. It’s not that I even felt particularly sad but something was… off.

This is when I learned that happiness truly comes from within. My attitude was bringing me down, not the events around me. A big part of this journey was the book The Secret, which a wrote a separate blog post on awhile ago (read it here). This book made me realize that thinking about things negatively will just bring more negative things back to you through the law of attraction. Over the past months, I have been working to gently correct my way of thinking. For example, I have to take the bus to work everyday, which can be a bit more time consuming than I prefer. I can look at this situation a couple of ways. I can say something like, “Wow, what a waste of my time I have better things to do!” or I can say, “This is a great time for me to use to my advantage. I can use this time to do something like read a magazine I am behind on or explore my Spotify account for new music.” Now, I look forward to that time that I get on the bus to catch up on life and slow down. Choose to live in a solution instead of a problem.


In order to achieve happiness, you have to be truly content and in love with yourself. This doesn’t mean being narcisstic, but a strong self-love for yourself makes a huge difference in your mentality. Focus on those things you like about yourself. This doesn’t mean necessarily forgetting about your weaknesses, but if you focus on the positive in yourself more good things will start to appear without even trying. Seek approval from no one. Forgive yourself for those mistakes you have made, but then leave them in the past. There is no sense on dwelling on those things you cannot change.

Another thing I have recently learned is that it is important to focus on what really matters to you in life. I spent a long time taking people in my life for granted because I was chasing after things like a specific job, money or material goods. These are things that are not very tangible and can easily be taken from you, but the people you love and the experiences you have with them are what you will always remember. I also recently discovered my love for travel and seeing new things, but I’m not waiting until I have time/money to take a trip to a five-star hotel. Instead, I’m starting in my own backyard and checking out places I have always said I wanted to go, but never actually made it happen. Even these tiny adventures make my soul sing. Find things like this for yourself, simple thing that bring you joy.

Life is truly not about the destination, it is about the journey and those people and experiences that inspire you along the way. Happiness is also a journey. It is not a Point A to Point B thing. It is not an instant switch. It’s an overall creation of a new mentality that radiates positivity and joy, which allows you to see the world with new eyes. Don’t get me wrong, there will be days where it seems hard to have to constantly self-correct your thought process or you’ll have a day that is slightly disappointing, but the vast majority of the time you can make your life abundant just by opening your eyes to what you already have. From this, there will be moments where you have never been happier to simply have air flowing in your lungs, to be alive.


Kelsey Knepler


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